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Pediatric and Adolescent Counseling

"One in five children experience a mental disorder in a given year". Child Mental Health CDC

     Are you concerned about your child’s mental or emotional health? Maybe you’ve noticed that they seem sad, have begun to act more aggressively, are having trouble focusing, or are withdrawing from their loved ones or interests. No matter your child’s age, growing up can be complicated for many reasons. Working with a licensed child therapist can give you and your child an objective expert’s perspective as you work through any challenges they are facing. Below we’re going to discuss pediatric counseling, signs that your child may benefit from it, and how to obtain it. 

     The Wellspring Center is a counseling practice dedicated to the care of children, adolescents, and families. Our counselors are specially trained and experienced in working with the pediatric population, understanding that children’s mental health needs are unique. We strive to provide safe, compassionate, and effective counseling that emphasizes collaboration between the family, school, and other stakeholders in a child’s life.
At the Wellspring Center, we believe that children deserve the same level of care and respect as adults, and that the pediatric population needs mental health care that is specialized to their needs. We are committed to helping children, and their families gain the tools and resources they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

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Our Story

     Dr. Librizzi has dedicated his career to serving the pediatric population for more than two decades. During his doctoral training, he completed a rotation at Children's Specialized Hospital in Westfield, NJ, where he gained valuable experience. Apart from his general practice, Dr. Librizzi has collaborated with Sea Girt Pediatrics to provide an in-house pediatric mental health provider to support their extensive pediatrician practice. Throughout his career, he has treated a broad spectrum of pediatric mental health issues, including but not limited to ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Oppositional Behavioral Disorders, Substance Abuse Disorders in teens, Mood disorders, and family therapy.  Dr. Librizzi and his team of expert counselors eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you and your child in navigating through this difficult period with empathy and exceptional clinical care.

     The Wellspring Center provides counseling services for children and adolescents through a team of experienced professionals. They work closely with Dr. Librizzi and utilize well-tested theoretical approaches that are age-appropriate. Some of these professionals are trained in play therapy, allowing them to gather valuable clinical data by observing the child during play. This approach also allows for effective clinical interventions in the same modality. 

Your Family is our Priority

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