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Christian Counseling

Praying Hands

     People seek counseling for various reasons, and The Wellspring Center is here to provide competent and caring counseling services in a solution-focused and faith-based approach. Our goal is to create a Christ-centered environment where state-licensed professionals can help address your most intimate concerns with compassion. Our staff will work with you faithfully and remind you that "He is faithful who has called you" (1 Thessalonians 5:24). It is important for us to respect your freedom to discuss or not discuss your spiritual beliefs during therapy. However, for those who wish to integrate their faith into their clinical care, we are capable of doing so.


     The Wellspring Center was founded by Rev. Dr. William J. Librizzi with the goal of providing a unique place of healing and restoration that emphasizes the transformative power of God. Dr. Librizzi's belief that faith and mental health are closely intertwined was shaped by his three decades of experience in church and para-church ministry, as well as his formal and practical training. As part of his Doctoral studies at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Librizzi completed a dissertation that focused on incorporating faith and psychology. Together with his team of qualified Christian counselors, they strive to establish a center that upholds both clinical excellence and sound Biblical principles. Recent research from Harvard has also shown the benefits of prayer for mental health, as reported by Psychology Today.


The staff at Wellspring believe that psychological research, Biblical principles, and Christian disciplines can work together to bring about positive change in their clients. They draw on their personal faith experiences and relevant scripture to help their clients achieve this change. At the end of sessions, they often use prayer as a means of support and healing.




The Wellspring Collaboration Program

The Wellspring Center has been supporting the local church for more than two decades. Like the Good Samaritan who took the wounded to the inn for care, the counselors at Wellspring aim to create a similar sanctuary for the church's wounded and hurting. The center also offers specific programs to assist the local church in mental health and faith-related matters.

Open Book

Lunch and Learn

The counseling staff can come and provide a brief one hour lunch and learn on a topic relative to faith and counseling. 

Image by Dawn McDonald

Pulpit Supply

Rev. Dr. Librizzi has been ordained since 1992 and has been providing pulpit supply in his community on a regular basis.  

Male Speaker


Dr. Librizzi or a member of the counseling staff can come and provide to the congregants seminars with relative topics to enhance spiritual and relational growth.  Examples include marriage, parenting, family success, and emotional health.

Collecting Money

Reduced Fee Counseling

The Wellspring Center is committed to provide care for all that need it.  If your church refers a client to Wellspring we have a special reduced fee for the direct pastoral referral.  

Business Meeting


Pastors are skilled in so many areas. Sometimes less informed in areas of mental health and psychopathology.  Counselors at Wellspring are available to provide consultation on such complicated matters. 

Shaking Hands

The Compact Program

Jerusalem is built As a city that is compact together, Psa 122:3

The Wellspring seeks to compact with churches for exclusive referral privileges with contracted reduced fees.

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